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                                    Shandong Woke ECO-TECH Co .Ltd is a technology company which is 

                          major in research output and product sales, by using wheat straw ,rice straw and 

                          other wasted straw fiber .The company is located in Binzhou ,the yellow and blue economic zone of Shandong ,closed to 205 National Road ,transportation convenient and environment beautiful .Since the founding of the company ,it has paid more attention to the technology research and renew production .The company made a cooperation with the East China University of Science and Technology and Shandong Agricultural University ,and achieve a series of innovative technology patents and international certification, obtained the domestic and foreign authorities and customers’ acceptance.


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                          * 點擊更換驗證碼圖片!

                          Contact: Manager Li

                          Cumber︰+0086 15110285159


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